Spintech - A humble attemt to make wiring convenient since 1986
Spin-Tech Fittings India Pvt. Ltd., manufacturers of PVC conduit fittings is the first company in South India having ISI certified(IS:3419) products.

We have a special identity in market for high quality products. Company manufactures ISI and Non-ISI conduit fittings such as Circular box ,Bend ,Tee , Elbow ,Coupling ,Deep Adaptor ,Fan Hook Circular box/circular box and some other products of different sizes / modules.

We introduced two new products ,Deep adaptor and special type Fan Hook Circular Box ,having a succes market thanks to its technological and aesthetic appeal.
first isi certified company

Spin-Tech Fittings India Pvt Ltd. is the first company in South India to mark IS 3419
features of our products
  • Deep Adaptor Circular boxes instead of seperate Deep Circular Box.
  • Step location on lids.
  • Additional screw legs inside Circular Box.
  • Matt finish in appearance.
  • Provition to take pipe from back side!
  • Fan/Fancy Hook through Circular box!